Advancement Checklist

Whether advancing to Tenderfoot or Eagle, the following is a general checklist for Scouts in completing each rank:

1.    Before calling the Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster conference:

•     Have all requirements for the rank been achieved, signed off and dated by your patrol leader in your Boy Scout Handbook?

•     Have you achieved at least 50% participation in Troop outings, troop meetings and patrol meetings? (If unsure, contact the Advancement Chair for confirmation.)

•     Are your monthly dues paid up? (If unsure, check with the Troop Scribe.)

2.    Once the above have been accomplished, contact the Scoutmaster to schedule a Scoutmaster Conference. To receive your rank advancement at the next Court of Honor, this must be done at least 3-1/2 weeks prior to the subsequent Court of Honor.

3.    For the Scoutmaster Conference, wear your full Class A uniform, bring your Boy Scout Handbook (and pen and paper to take notes), and be prepared to answer questions from any rank up to and including the rank you are trying to achieve.

4.    At the conclusion of a successful Scoutmaster Conference, the Scoutmaster will sign you off in your Boy Scout Handbook.

5.    Immediately notify the Advancement Chair that your Scoutmaster Conference has been signed off. He or she will notify the Board of Review Chair that you are ready for your Board of Review.

6.    The Board of Review Chair will contact you to schedule your Board of Review. (One of your parents will usually be asked to sit in on the BOR for other Scouts participating that evening.)

7.    Wear your full Class A uniform and bring your Boy Scout Handbook to the Board of Review.

8.    If you successfully pass your Board of Review, you will receive your rank advancement recognition at the Troop’s next Court of Honor.