Located in beautiful Lafayette, California. 

Troop 224 is a Youth-Led Leadership Development Program for Girls and Boys


Troop 224 is a scout-led troop based in beautiful Lafayette, CA.
Boys AND girls are welcome!



Troop 224G is accepting girls! If you have a daughter who is interested in becoming a scout, please join! The girls voted that their first patrol be called the Goat Patrol, in part, because goats are hard to catch, can climb anything and are independent. 

Troop 224G




Our annual water trip is exciting and open to scouts of all ages. Water trips include canoeing, kayaking, and even white water rafting! On one trip, we attended the Bechtel Summit Reserve and enjoyed white water rafting through the New River gorge in West Virginia.





On this trip, we drive through parts of Arizona and Nevada, visiting Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks and spend time visiting the students at a Navajo Nation high school.







Our 50-mile backpacking trip in Mt. Lassen National Park is a great way for scouts to gain high adventure hiking and camping skills over a one-week exhibition.


High Adventure Camps


High adventure camps are some of the best experiences offered within scouting. There are a total of four High Adventure Camps in the world:


Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico

Florida Sea Base

 Northern Tier Bissett MB, Canada

 Bechtel Summit Reserve, West Virginia.


Troop 224 regularly attends Philmont, Florida Sea Base and Northern Tier. We look forward to attending one of these high adventure camps annually!




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Our annual Tree Lot is “The Happiest Place on Earth” during the holidays with Disneyland being a close second.  



Every year Troop 224 scouts look forward to the fun, family-oriented atmosphere, and the opportunity to serve our community and many repeat customers by selling trees. 

The Tree Lot is our Troop’s annual and only fundraiser. This is how we fund our trips throughout the year. 

Working at the Tree Lot teaches our scouts how to operate a retail business, which includes customer service, acting as salespeople, and tying down trees to cars so they don’t fall off!



More About Troop 224


To learn more about the many other exciting facets of our troop, please 

come to our open house on November 16th and

meet our scouts, our uniformed leaders, our Scoutmaster, and some of our troop parents.  They will be happy to answer your questions.


You can also visit our website or contact:


Margaret Struchen: 


Recruiting Chair




Join Us!