Troop 224 Logo

Troop 224 has close ties with the Navajo culture and uses important symbols from the Navajos. These symbols are reflected in the Troop emblem. Centered on the emblem is the Navajo four-horn sheep. The Navajo four-horn sheep is a very hardy animal. Hardiness is needed in the harsh environment found in the land of the Navajos. The four-horn sheep are intelligent and independent. They take good care of themselves. They survive and thrive on less than perfect forage. Their wool is strong and is excellent for clothing. Surrounding the emblem is the snake. In Navajo folklore, the snake is associated with lightning that brings rain to the dry land of the Navajos. The snake provides protection for the Navajo people. The snake protects our troop emblem.

The Navajo culture has four cardinal colors. Each color is on the troop emblem. The colors are turquoise, white, yellow and black. As most of you know, turquoise is a stone. You will find turquoise in Navajo jewelry. The turquoise is the first of the Navajo four sacred stones. The other three sacred stones are white shell, yellow abalone, and jet black. The Navajo cardinal colors are found in the colors of these Navajo sacred stones. The land of the Navajo is marked in the four directions by the four sacred mountains. Two of the four mountains are on the troop emblem. The four sacred mountains bear the names of the Navajo four cardinal colors.

The White Mountain is to the east. You will find this mountain as Mt. Blanca on a map of Colorado. The Turquoise Mountain is to the south. Look for Mt. Taylor in New Mexico. The Yellow Mountain is to the west. This is San Francisco Peak located immediately north of Flagstaff, Arizona. The fourth sacred mountain is the Black Mountain, which is to the north. Look for Mt. Hesperus near Durango, Colorado.

Finally, the six black triangles are arrowheads. The arrowheads represent the Navajo Nation within the states of the United States of America. The official Navajo Flag has 50 arrowheads. In summary, the colors and symbols on the Troop 224 emblem symbolizes the goals and morals of Troop 224 and the Boy Scouts of America.